nuclear power plant
fabric formed concrete for spent fuel storage facility

Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station (Units 3 and 4)

Homestead, Florida, USA

Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station is owned by Florida Power & Light Co. (FP&L). In addition to the two nuclear pressurized water units (Units 3 and 4) Turkey Point operates two 400-megawatt oil/natural gas-fired generation units (Units 1 and 2). Units 3 and 4 each supply steam to one high-pressure and two low-pressure turbines with a power output rated at 693 MW for each unit. In 2007, Turkey Point added the 1150 MW combined-cycle gas-fired Unit 5.

Turkey Point serves the entire southern portion of Florida. With a combined capacity of 3330 MW, the site is the largest generating station in Florida and is the sixth largest power plant in the United States.

In 2010, Florida Power & Light received regulatory approval for the storage of spent fuel cells in dry casks. FP&L designed a 125000 ft² elevated storage area to be protected by a HYDROTEX® 12 in Articulating Block (AB1200) fabric formed concrete perimeter revetment.

Owner:Florida Light & Power Co.
Engineer:Florida Light & Power Co.
Contractor:Dickerson Construction, LLC
Products:HYDROTEX Articulating Block (AB1200)