concrete fabriform for levee protection

Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton

Oceanside, California, USA

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is the major West Coast base of the United States Marine Corps. It is located north of San Diego, California, and is a United States Marine Corps airfield.

Camp Pendleton was commissioned in 1942 and is currently home to Marine Aircraft Group 39. The base’s diverse geography and more than 125000 acres (506 km²) serve as the location for year-round training for Marines and other branches of the U.S. military. The base’s 17 mi (27 km) of coastline offers ample opportunities for amphibious and sea-to-shore training.

In 1998, more than $100 million in damage from flooding occurred when a levee burst, sending a 6 ft wall of water onto the airfield.

The Department of the Navy commissioned Winzler & Kelly to design the 9559 ft long levee repair at MCAS airfield. The project specifications called for a 6 in thick fabric formed concrete erosion protection for the levee’s 1h:1v side slope. Reyes Construction, the project’s general contractor, selected HYDROTEX® Uniform Section US600 for the protective cover.

Owner:Department of the Navy
Engineer:Winzler & Kelly
Contractor:Reyes Construction
Products:HYDROTEX Uniform Section US600