stormwater basin liner

Long-term Control Plans I.E.P.A. Project No. L172560 – Stormwater Management Basin

City of Belleville, Illinois, USA

Thouvenot, Wade & Moerchen, Inc. (TWM) collaborated with the city of Belleville to develop a Long-Term Control Plan for Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO), as required by the state of Illinois and U.S. EPA. The initial and most significant stage included expanding and modifying the existing Water Reclamation Facility. The objective was to improve water quality by lessening issues with the city’s CSO. Throughout the project, TWM used energy-efficient technologies to greatly decrease the environmental impact of the city’s effluent.

TWM also focused on cost savings while implementing solutions to minimize the user charge increase. TWM engineers re-purposed existing components, such as converting existing sludge lagoons to CSO management basins, instead of resorting to all new construction, which decreased the overall impact on sewer rates. Four-inch thick grout mattresses were specified for the inside slopes of the new management basins.

The project contract was awarded to Korte & Luitjohan Contractors, Inc. (K&L). Among other contract tasks K&L converted the existing lagoons to stormwater management basins lined with HYDROTEX® Filter Point (FP400) fabric formed concrete.

For its innovative and complex design to modify and expand the City of Belleville Water Reclamation Facility, TWM received the 2015 Engineering Excellence Honor Award in Waste and Storm Water from the American Council of Engineering Companies – Illinois.

Owner:City of Belleville, Illinois
Engineer:Thouvenot, Wade & Moerchen, Inc.
Contractor:Korte & Luitjohan Contractors, Inc.
Products:HYDROTEX Filter Point 400 (FP400)