Interstate I-595

Broward County, Florida, USA

This huge complex project was the first Public–Private Partnership in the state of Florida and was at the time the largest project in the history of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). This 10.5 mi design/build project included:

  • Reconstruction and widening of I-595 and SR-84
  • Construction of three reversible express lanes on the I-595 median
  • Reconstruction and widening of 2.8 mi of Florida’s Turnpike
  • 53 new bridges
  • Bridge and interchange reconstruction
  • Seven braided ramps to avoid traffic weaving
  • 29 entrance and exit ramps
  • 16000 linear ft of bulkhead for the widening of SR-84 along the NNR Canal

Synthetex was selected by both of Dragados’ subcontractors, Prince Contracting LLC and Ranger Construction Industries, Inc., for the supply of more than 900,000 ft² of the specified articulating block and filter point fabric forms.

Owner:Florida Department of Transportation Public-Private Partnership with I-595 Express
Contractor:Dragados USA
Products:HYDROTEX® Articulating Block 400 (AB400)
HYDROTEX Articulating Block 800 (AB800)
HYDROTEX Filter Point 400 (FP400)