Berths and Quays at Port

Ben Schoeman Quay

Port of Cape Town, Republic of South Africa

The Port of Cape Town has two major docks and a total of 34 berths. Ben Schoeman Dock is the larger outer dock and houses the container terminal. The depth of the entrance channel to Ben Schoeman Dock is 14 m deep. The water depth within Ben Schoeman Dock varies between 9 m and 13.9 m.

The Cape Town Container Terminal (CTCT) was expanded to berth larger vessels. When completed in 2012, the R5.4bn ($780 million) project increased the terminal capacity twofold and transformed the port into a regional shipping hub.

Design work began in December 2007 and the project broke ground in January 2008. ZAA Engineering Projects and Naval Architecture was subcontracted by the WBHO – Stefanutti Stocks Marine joint venture to furnish an alternative design for the extension to berths 601, 602, 603 and 604. ZAA selected HYDROTEX® Articulating Block (AB) concrete mattresses for the required scour protection for the berths.

Owner:City of Cape Town
Engineer:ZAA Engineering Projects and Naval Architecture (Pvt) Ltd.
Contractor:WBHO—Stefanutti Stocks Marine
Products:HYDROTEX Articulating Block 1000 (AB1000)
HYDROTEX Articulating Block 1200 (AB1200)