Geomembrane (HDPE or LLDPE Liner) Protection Solutions

Geomembrane Protection

Synthetex is the manufacturer of the leading liner protection product in the industry.

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Geomembrane Protection

Synthetex is the manufacturer of the leading liner protection product in the industry.

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Geomembrane protection is easy with a custom-manufactured HYDROTEX fabric-formed concrete mattress.

Typically used at landfills or wastewater sites, liners are high-strength and durable, but require protection against machinery and degradation.

HYDROTEX fabric-formed concrete is the superior solution for mechanical protection, beating harder-to-install competitors such as geocells. Most importantly of all, HYDROTEX is permanent—no maintenance required.

How is HYDROTEX used for liner protection?

The Problem

Liners are an expensive investment that can get easily damaged. Because they’re so thin, they’re vulnerable to damage from objects, UV, and machinery operating over or on the liner. Additionally, they can be damaged by wind, uplift, equipment impacts during the cleaning of sediment deposits, and activities such as depositing waste material or coal ash.

Without proper protection, you risk having to replace this expensive investment only a few years after purchasing it.

The Solution: HYDROTEX Fabric Forms for the In-Situ Casting of Concrete

Protect your liner or geomembrane with a permanent concrete mattress that’s placed on top of the liner, protecting against machinery, UV, wind uplift, clean out operations, and other damage.

Best HYDROTEX Fabric Forms for Casting a Geomembrane Protection System

HYDROTEX Uniform Section

HYDROTEX® Uniform Section

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Liner (Geomembrane) Protection for Landfills

A geomembrane is one of the most critical components of a landfill because of its importance in preventing leachates from seeping into the soil and groundwater.

Though high-performance, geomembranes tend to be thin and can’t withstand excessive pulling or the passing of machinery over it. HYDROTEX fabric-formed concrete mattresses provide permanent protection over the liner, eliminating these concerns.

Geomembrane protection is typically needed for:

Industrial plant
Landfill drone image
Wastewater plant

Geomembrane Protection For Wastewater Facilities

Don’t leave a liner to the mercy of the environment and machinery in your municipality’s wastewater treatment plant.

Instead, use a custom-manufactured HYDROTEX Uniform Section mattress to permanently protect the liner from damage. That way, the liner continues to successfully prevent harmful wastewater byproducts from leaking into the water table.

Related Solutions

HYDROTEX® Uniform Section

Uniform Section (US) Concrete Linings

Uniform Section (US) Concrete Linings

Uniform Section (US) Concrete Linings are similar to traditional concrete slope paving.  They create a solid, high-quality concrete lining with a relatively low hydraulic resistance and uniform cross-section.  Uniform Section linings are used to reduce the infiltration or exfiltration of aggressive waste and chemical fluids into or out of open channels and basins.  They are also used to reduce exfiltration in arid regions where open channels and basins require watertight linings.

Uniform Section Concrete Linings are resistant to leachate and most chemicals.  They protect geosynthetic liners from mechanical damage, exposure to UV light, and freeze-thaw cycles.  These self-supporting, high-strength linings permit construction on steep side slopes and replace the conventional use of clay or sand as liner protection. Placement of the forms and concrete filling can be performed without the use of equipment on the liner.  The tensile strength and abrasion resistance of the fabric protect the liner from the pumped concrete.