Coastal and Marine

Sea conditions can be rough and can change unexpectedly. Mean sea level and extreme water levels can rise, storms can hit hard and frequently, and dominant wave directions can turn. And, when these occur, they can have devastating effects on coastal and offshore structures, coastlines, low-lying hinterlands and city areas. When designing and managing the coastal zone, you must consider these and how there is an increase in flood risk, loadings on structures, changes in sedimentation, changes in erosion and accretion of coastlines.

Synthetex uses a proven approach with dependable products to maximize value for private and public infrastructure projects for coastal and marine applications. Whether you to need to maintain or improve existing infrastructure, plan new construction to expand capacity or seek to minimize life-cycle costs, Synthetex can provide you with sustainable solutions.

Synthetex implements solutions for the following:

  • Shoreline revetments, breakwaters
  • Wave, wind and storm surge protection
  • Sediment transport and coastal erosion
  • Moveable structures
  • Bulkhead, seawall, wharves and piers
  • Marinas, boat ramps, offshore terminals and mega yacht facilities
  • Waterfront parks and recreation
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